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Behind my Name

Inspired by my recent quick conversation with bookwithbane I thought I might give a little bit of background about Sekhmet – my favourite goddess.

She is the warrior goddess of ancient Egypt, a fire-breathing, lioness-headed lady. She was a daughter of Re (the all mighty sun god), and the winds of the desert were rumoured to be her breath. Her colour was red, and she came from lower Egypt. Sekhmet appeared in prayers and spells for the dying, as she was associated with healing. I wrote an essay last year on ancient Egyptian medicine, and I discovered that many spells appealed to gods and goddesses for their divine help. That was where I first discovered her, and I have rather liked her since she was feared and respected, as well as a motherly figure.

I got most of this information from a book called The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, which is a really cool book I recommend checking out if you’re interested in ancient Egyptian mythology, though it is quite densely packed with information and, I think, best read in little tidbits.

The cover image is of a statue of her which I found in the aforementioned book.



I found out all my knowledge about Sekhmet, the Egyptian Queen through Nancy Drew, Tomb of The Lost Queen. It is a computer game. i also get a lot of my knowledge from books. Sekhmet is one of three daughters of Queen Nefertari/The Lost Queen or QV66, or one of three daughters of Ramses II.

7th Nov, 19

I know a lot about Queen Nefertari, if you ever have any questions.

7th Nov, 19

Thanks! I should look at getting that game, it’s sounds cool.

8th Nov, 19

In reply to sekhmet

I just completed the game a couple of days ago, Nancy ends with a letter to her friend, Hannah.

12th Nov, 19